Straight in a straight country is great.


I think some of you know I am not a fan of Gay America.

Nor, am I a fan of the Justice Department forcing homosexuality on our children ….

Actually, read that

I am not a fan of your children having homosexuality forced on them.

I am still single, so they are not my children, as in ‘our’ children.

But, I live in a straight land.

I just had a conversation with a new friend, “Alex.” By the way, BTW, Alex is a very common name here, like Jones and Smith in the USA.

He and I were talking, and he asked, “But, isn’t there somewhere in the USA that they take care of the children, and they don’t want ‘gay marriage?’ Like Boston?”

I told him, “America has better economy and better roads, but we do not have better family than Ukraine.”

Like everyone I have met here he replied, “That is not good.”

Friends, being straight in a gay country was not fun.

If you are still there.

I am sorry.

I pray you can deal with the hate and the spite better than I did.

But, I am now a straight man living in a straight country.

Every country should be like this.


What do you think? Will America ever respect the men again?


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