Obama backs another coup in Egypt as people die in the street.


When Honduras voted in their Congress to remove their despot, and their Supreme Court agreed, Honduras ordered the military to remove their dictator-in-chief. Does he remind your of our Obamanator?

The United States called Democracy working Constitutionally a ‘coup.’ And the State Department made threats against a true Democracy without the approval of ‘We the People.’

But, the State Department imports millions of illegals without our approval, so why would they need our approval to ‘commit acts of war?’

But, we back a second coup in Egypt …. we fund a second coup in Egypt.

We give military support to the second coup in Egypt.

My money. Your money.

Your stolen vote, my stolen vote.


Our government falsely leads us towards a bi war, and where are our progressive anti-war haters?

They are leading US into war.

Those ‘peace’ demonstrators, do you remember the ones who tied themselves to anti-aircraft guns in Iraq? Yes, those who objected, because the US should not dispose an evil dictator?

They are leading us into an evil war. They want to kill hundreds of thousands more.

They have already killed hundreds of thousands in Syria.

For what?



For what?


They are making their big business friends filthy stinking rich to pay them back for funding the Obamanator ….

We need a recall election.

Don’t you agree?


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