Cargo Bikes: Longtails (Surly Big Dummy, Xtracycle, Kona Ute)

Does anyone else want a cargo bike?

Although, I would like a four wheel version over two wheels, I still like all of them.


Car Free Canada

(Part one in a four part series of cargo bikes in Canada; part two covers bucket-style cargo bikes, part three covers porteur-rack cargo bikes and part four provides recommendations and pointers to retailers.)

We’ll cover how to make an existing bike more practical in a future post, but if you’re buying from scratch, you might consider purchasing a cargo bike. You’ll pay more to start, but you’ll enjoy a bike that’s been designed with practicality in mind that frees you to do more on your bike than ever before.

There are three broad categories of cargo bikes:

  • longtails, basically a regular bike that’s been stretched out to have a longer wheelbase. The extra length accommodates bigger racks and distributes the load more evenly. Example: the Surly Big Dummy
  • bucket-style, a bike or a trike with a big bucket bolted on. The bucket may be in front of the…

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