Should Authors Respond to Reviews?


Would you believe that there are other people who are attacked because of their world view?

I am not alone.

Maybe outnumbered, but not alone.


Adventures In Fiction

I posted this to Facebook this past weekend;

I’m researching a long list of … fantasy and science fiction novels, so have spent this afternoon reading reviews. Ran across a lot of author responses, too, especially to negative reviews. No matter how kind and gracious those replies might appear, there’s almost invariably a note of annoyance, wounded pride, or “you just don’t get it”.

Even a counterattack or two.

Maybe authors ought to just let readers have their say.

Bite your tongue, grit your teeth, mutter under your breath, but don’t explain your intentions or what you really meant. Just let it be.

hoj_website_coverThere’s a blog tour I participate in occasionally, promoting fantasy and science fiction, and authors will often follow the tour and weigh in on the conversation. It works best when they just say thanks for reading and talking about their books. Less successful are the author comments…

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