Where did all the peace loving liberals go?


Do you remember the old song, “Where have all the flowers gone?”

I love the Kingston Trio version best. But, it says something very powerful.

Where have all the young men gone? Gone to soldiers ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Where have all the soldiers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the soldiers gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards, ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Why do our liberals want our young men to die? And now they want our young women to die for ‘equality?’ Death is the great equalizer, but I do not think that is what young women think of when they are told they have ‘equal rights.’

Do you?

So, where are the liberals?

Where is the outrage?

Why have all the ‘media’ reporters shut up?

2249 – 780 = 1469 deaths due to the Obama war ….

And another 264 in Iraq, & the only reason there are not more dead soldiers there is that the Iraqi government threw most of our soldiers out. Obama wanted to kill more of our soldiers.

And Obama is killing a lot of ‘contractors’ so he doesn’t have to admit to killing as many soldiers.

Btw, he has still kept combat soldiers there … and we are ‘not there anymore?’

When will the liberal progressive machine quit the propaganda?

And I also blame the republican party, and fox news, because they do not stand up every morning starting at 6 am with a pot of coffee and say, “We are here waiting for the president to do what he promised to do. We are here waiting for him to bring our troops home, and give us hope we can believe in.”

Instead both sides have short-changed us.

But, the greatest question in my mind?

“Kerry (he does not deserve any titles), what do you say to the families who have lost their children because you let them die?”

Why is a man who confessed to war crimes not in the grave?

At least Clinton and Obama had enough fear mixed with courage that they ran. He had the ‘courage’ to engage in ‘free fire zones’ and murder civilians.

But, he still has to answer for the blood of American soldiers on his hands today.

Don’t you agree?


PS over 200,000 wounded Americans ….

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