China’s growth continues to drain the rest of the world.


Ever since Bill Clinton decided to give China American jobs, China has inflated while the rest of the world economy has deflated.

In fairness to China, the housing crisis conducted by progressive activists as an attack upon America was not China’s fault. The blame belongs to the Democrats for conducting that terrorist attack.

But, China would still have been sucking economic strength from America, just like the EU has done for decades.

Parasitic strength is parasitic.

The problem now is that China is slowing. 8% growth year over year is slowing?

Will the propaganda ever stop?

The world economy is slowing, so the parasitic drag from the Chinese economy is smaller. Great. But, that is not doing the rest of the world much good.

IMF reports Chinese growth is much greater than the rest of the world.

Do you think the world will see balanced growth within the next 10 years?

I am doubtful that we will. But, are you as doubtful as I am?


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