Why does the US State Dept want so much war?


I served in the US Army under Clinton. And to be fair for him, he did better at his progressive policies than any other President.

He outsourced jobs.

He minimized conflicts and civilian casualties, although he had a nasty habit of bombing pharmaceutical factories. Isn’t that a crazy method to put the competition out of business? “‘Mr. Super duper CIA spy guy,’ tell your president my competitor works for Al-Qaeda.” BOOM in the middle of the night.

No competition.

OK. Under George Bush we were attacked. I think he reacted too much. Although I do not agree with my anti-war progressive friends who think the murderers and rapists during the old Iraq government were good guys. But, I never considered Muslim cultures capable of Western style culture or government. So, I did not consider regime change a great idea, nor did I believe democracy was an obtainable goal in Iraq.

They might be good at business, but not so good at government.

But, along comes the high and mighty second black president (remember Clinton was the ‘first black president.’) And the next thing I know, our State Dept is on a mission to overthrow dozens of governments.

Who wins?

Not the average person, they are killed in the streets.

The elite, the very rich, they have more opportunity.

But, the real winners?

The Chinese?

Most likely.

They do not have to get entangled in the affairs of Arab cultures. No country has ever done very well at that, unless they went in with a lot of tanks.

Even the USA needs a lot of tanks and guns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And they ‘like’ US there.

So, what is the ‘end game?’ What is the result our State Dept is seeking on behalf of the current Progressive in Chief?

How many more millions of Arabs, Muslims and Christians, does he want killed before he is ‘happy?’

Do you know?

Because I would like to know.


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