Why does CNN encourage bad reporting?



Why does CNN terribly miss international and local news?

I believe it is the progressive agenda.

But, on to this article.

CNN does not understand Arabs.

OK, I do not understand the Arab world.

The Arab world is a mosaic of different needs, wants, desires, politics and, certainly Religion.

You do realize Christianity is still in the Arab world, and is significant in many of the countries? Even as CNN tolerates bombing and burning Christian churches?

OK, this article, is written as if Israel is the core of the problem.

Well, that is only half-true.

Judeo-Christianity is the core that is half of the problem, not Israel.

Next, Arabs supported the Nazi ‘Jewish solution.’ And the progressive genocide (eugenics) of the Fascist era is not a solution anyone should want to return to.

But, there is a significant faction of Arabs that consider the Holocaust reasonable, or they consider it false.


CNN would ignore reality and call their propaganda ‘news.’

And that is the real core of the problem in the Arab world.

There were Jews and Christians in the Arab world before 1940. They were almost exterminated by the Turkish Empire (Ottomans). And the exterminations are re-written just as the history of Jewish and Christian Holocaust under the Fascists is re-written.

I am supposed to feel sorry for the thousands of homosexuals who were gassed by Adolf, but forget the MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS and the millions of Jews?

That is the real core of the problem.

Progressive agenda is not about reporting the truth or the news, it is about re-writing history to their advantage.

And the scale of their lies is usually around 1,000 to one.

When they admit there might be a few thousand homosexual predators, you can believe there are actually millions of the predators.

When they say America is part of the problem, you can be certain the State Department controlled American government is out of control by a factor of around 1,000 ….

They spent hundreds of millions overthrowing the Egyptian Government, even though we had PEACE TREATIES with them.

If I violate a treaty the US has entered into, I run the risk of become a ‘Traitor.’

Ask Snowden what it feels like to be called a traitor. And yes, I am torn on that. I see both sides of the problem. But, the bottom line was the American government controlled by the elite progressives lied to the American ‘We the People.’ And that was the root of Snowden’s treason.

And they will punish him for that.

The State Department, government, is the root of America’s problems in the world, not just the Arab world.

How do we change the government from evil to godly?

And can we change CNN from evil to godly reporting?


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