Why does the UN hate boys?


What is it about all the hate in the world today?

The UN is campaigning to protect girls.

OK, girls in war torn areas make up 55% of kids out of school.  So, two things, one the UN wants us to protect the girls, but not the boys.

And two, if 55% of the kids out of school are girls, then 45% are boys ….

Why the hatred against the boys?

And why is Mexico ignored, but all the Muslim countries are included?  Mexico is war torn because of illegal American trade – drugs.  There is not much Mexico has been able to do about that.

60,000 killed over 6 years in Mexico.


I originally saw the tweet on twitter:

55% of out-of-school kids in conflict zones are girls – let’s get them safe & into school: http://bit.ly/1b2p3tt  via @EFAReport

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1 Response to Why does the UN hate boys?

  1. jdeangelis79 says:

    The UN and all other authorities hate boys because they want to teach girls to be independent, or rely on the State to support them, to break up the relationship between, boy and girl, man and woman, husband and wife, parents and children. Because it is very hard to control united people.

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