Will we find peace after the Martin tragedy?


Some have exploited both Martin and Zimmerman for racial issues.

It would seem a teenager came to believe he was justified in confronting an older man, because “that [blank] is following me.”

And an older man felt he was justified in protecting his home ‘turf.’

But, now we all need to find peace.

As an older man, I can tell you, many more youth in America are confrontational than they are in Europe, or most of Asia.

And many more older men are confrontational in America than they are in most of the rest of the world, except countries with full-blown wars.

We, Americans, need to calm down.  We need to shake the progressive instilled fear of everyone around us.  We need to embrace others as if they were just like we are.

Unless of course you are violent, and in that case, you need professional help.

But, we need to accept Americans as Americans.  We need to quit focusing upon our bad differences, and we need to focus upon our good qualities.

Are you a great blogger, then blog.  Are you a great basketball player, then play.  Are you a great reporter, then report (the truth, please?).

Regardless of how you view Zimmerman, angry old man or scared man defending himself, can you move on?  Can you respect his acquittal and seek peace in your life?

Can we please honor our fallen teenager with peace and not with war?  With love and not with hate?

Regardless of how you viewed Trayvon’s life, young kid or aggressive young man, can you move on and respect that his family and friends suffered a loss?

Can you join me in trying to make America a better place?


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