Call Your Representative Today! And Tomorrow Too!


Call your Congressman, your Senator, and tell them you want education spending cut to 1970 levels. When there is less money, less money is wasted, that is true.

But, the real reason is simple. 1970’s education worked better than current spending levels.

Maybe it is because we spend too much money?

On everything, not just education.


Diane Ravitch's blog

Friends of Education!

Congress debating the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which is the basic legal framework for federal aid to education. In 2001, in response to the proposal by the new President George W. Bush, Congress added high-stakes testing as a requirement for federal aid. Congress wrongly believed that high-stakes testing had produced a miracle in Texas. We have had a dozen years of NCLB, and it has failed to improve education or to increase equality of educational opportunity.

NCLB has been a disaster for children, who are subjected to endless hours of testing; to teachers and principals, who are scapegoated for low scores; for schools, which are cruelly closed if their students don’t reach an unrealistic goal of 100% proficiency, and for communities, which are losing their beloved neighborhood schools.


Here is a message from the Network for Public…

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