Senate Nuclear Showdown Approaches Farce

Time has a good read on Harry Reid‘s political problem.

Politics is not the answer.

And that also plagues McConnell.

Enjoy the read.




Take two esteemed public servants whose power arises from their own reputations as honest brokers. Put them on a Sunday network television show with an impossible task: Argue with passion and principle for the opposite of a position they held with similar conviction just a decade earlier. Congressional politics has long been theater without much entertainment. This Sunday, it bordered on farce.

On NBC’s Meet The Press, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, 73, and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 71, both tried their best. At issue was whether the Senate should go nuclear this week—amending its rules with a controversial parliamentary maneuver to strip from the Republicans the ability to block President Obama’s nominees with just 40 votes.

A decade ago, when Democrats were in the minority blocking George W. Bush’s nominees, McConnell thought this was a grand idea, calling it a “constitutional” effort to help the Senate get “back…

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