Stranger in a stranger land: living in America.


You know how I feel about America Version 2.0.

It is scary.

A kid goes for skittles in the middle of the night, because he was smoking a little weed, and he gets shot.  Then gangs roam the streets looking for people to beat up, because of the color of their skin.

America needs to heal.

We turned our backs upon God, and we wonder why we feel so much pain.

The pain is one, and absence of God from our lives.  Two, it is a loss of purpose.  Three, the pain is frustration that we cannot get what we want.  And of course that all revolves around personal greed.  We are the ‘I’ generation.

So, we travel more.

We become more envious of other cultures, because they still have much of what we have lost.

Usually, they have that happiness, but without the better roads and better buildings.

I miss the old America.

Where I could leave my back door unlocked and not worry about an intruder trying to murder me or worse.  And if someone did murder or rape, they were executed, after a quick and fair trial.  Not two years of public outcry, two months of trial, and then a just sentence.

Just sentence in America today?  I better not answer that one.

What happened?

If you have read my blog, you know my version of history, and I can sum it up in a couple of words, we lost our God.

What do you think?



Daily Prompt.

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9 Responses to Stranger in a stranger land: living in America.

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  7. aishaditta says:

    Spot on. This post really highlights all that is being spoken about in today’s media.

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