What do you do when your best friend is in combat?

Well, I suggest you pray.

Wait? I forgot, my fearless leader does not have any of his soldiers in combat. Whew! That was close. If our soldiers were in combat, the news would be all over it, just like Vietnam.

Whoa I just did a double take, If these soldiers in combat are not the President’s, then they must be my soldiers, your sons and daughters, our soldiers. I better pray extra hard.



What the news won’t tell you, I think they want our soldiers dead, so they can live the good life while our soldiers don’t.

Don’t get me started.

Fearless leader promised this war was over when he got elected 5 years ago.

Maybe we should send him, his VP, and his Secretary of State to fight the war instead of our brave soldiers?

And don’t send body guards, or guns, they hate them remember?

Your friendly Word Press Ghost.

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