I love ORACLE!

OK, I am prejudiced in the America’s Cup Race.

I almost worked for Larry Ellison at Oracle.

And I did work for Oracle through their business arrangements.

So, I am for ORACLE!

But, on the latest debacle. Some are comparing New Zealand losing their forward sail to a gladiator sport.

But, I think the loss of a sailor a couple of months back would have been a better ‘gladiator’ comparison. Maybe the above author doesn’t know what gladiator sports were about?

Any way, Swedish Artemis Racing AC72 catamaran flipped.

During that accident, a British sailor died.

In any sport there are risks.

Please do not misunderstand my “GO ORACLE!” enthusiasm as a desire for injuries and death. I just love the speed, and the absolute precision these teams are able to produce in these big boats. The are big and fast.

And I LOVE that.

Don’t you?


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