It Matters Whom You Marry


Who you chose to be with impacts your life.

This blog breaks it down real well, and I will add.

We are teaching our young women to choose based upon the wrong set of standards.

We have taught our young men to choose based upon the wrong standards.

Beauty is fleeting, but goodness is forever.

Trying to please an angry person may be rewarding for the short-term, but you will always get tired of the angry person.

Learning to please those who please you as well is a long-term benefit for both of you. Team work is spelled without an ‘I.’ BUT, if you do not love yourself, you will choose someone who does not love you either.

What say you?



My husband and I were once with a youth group. There were three kids sitting across from us at a meal: two guys and a girl. The one guy was a computer geek with glasses. The other one was a college student with slightly cooler hair and no glasses. The girl was obviously with him. But while the computer geek was busy serving everyone at the meal, clearing plates and garbage, the college student got angry with the girl for a small accident and poured red juice over her leather jacket and white shirt. She picked the wrong guy, and the juice didn’t seem to change her mind. She is in for some grief if that relationship continues and especially if it leads to marriage.

So to all the young, unmarried Christian girls out there, listen up: who you marry matters.

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