Don Lemon spoke out and was attacked.


What is wrong with America today?

Don Lemon, a CNN News Anchor, spoke out over the weekend about people dressing appropriately.

Don Lemon had this to say, “my mom taught me in kindergarten”. What has happened that Americans view appropriate, simple, and basic motherly advice as wrong, ignorant, or even prejudiced?

He tweeted that he is being called an ‘Uncle Tom.’


That is the same mind-set of Americans who leveled attacks at Russia when they arrested the ‘Pussy Cats’ for their vile, lewd, and offensive interruption of a Russian Church service.

The ‘tolerant’ are only tolerant when they have the privilege of offending others, but as soon as they are asked to be polite, they want to scream, “Racism!,” “Hate Speech!”

I believe that offensive attitude is why Don Lemon spoke out and was attacked.

Just because the agenda has changed the world into a worse place does not mean we cannot speak up and say, “There are better ways.” Or, “And just because you have a different way does not mean your way is wrong for you, as long as you are not intentionally offensive, trolling, or abusive.”

But, when you choose a lifestyle, so you can offend others, you demand that we remind you about the proper manners our mothers taught us in Kindergarten, “Dress nicely, speak well, speak appropriately.” Don’t you think Lemon’s mother taught him well?


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