Guns and the progressive agenda.


It does get old, our President and Vice President want to push their progressive anti-gun legislation on you and me, but they want to keep the guns around them ….

I guess they fear the American Citizen ….

But, then the media reports on guns like this.

This is the problem, while the rich get to keep their security guards, and you and I have to fend for our own safety, the media stirs up dis-information.

They always include civilian justifiable homicide (self-defense) as murder, and they include gang violence as murder.

So, the 9,900 ‘murders’ they report are closer to 7,900 overall murders and 2,000 self-defense shootings. Of the 7,900, 1,600 were actual murders, the other 6,300 were gang and drug violence.

1,600 actual ‘murders’ out of 9,900. OK, the first number, self-defense shootings, is a guess based upon the only numbers I found, those for the State of Texas, These numbers are always difficult to find, but they sound about right from previous personal study. The second set of numbers is based on the usual 80% of murders are by drug dealers and gang members. That number is pretty consistent, and you can probably find that online.

1,600 people murdered is 1,600 too many, but in our modern crazy numbers game, it is not enough to scare people into fearing guns. Not as good as telling everyone 9,900 people died from gun murders.

You are more likely to die from a gun murder than from a lightening strike.

You are almost as likely to die from drowning. Well, if you boat and swim, you are more likely to die from drowning than from murder by a gun.

Drowning deaths.

You are 20 to 40 times more likely to die in a car wreck than from murder by a gun.

And I would guess almost as likely to die in a plane crash as die from a gun murder.

SO, why do they want us to fear guns?

Because they fear US.

And as long as they fear US, they want US to be weak.

I think so.

What do you think?


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