Public school attacks God.

A public school in Georgia has made a statement that ‘God is dead.’

When students complained, and parents objected, the school responded that this was not a religious statement.

You cannot make these crazy things up.

Georgia school attacks God.

Even though students were offended and objected to the religious implication being taught, the school claimed that the statement was not about religion, so it was ok to post the statement.

We cling to our religion, so it is ok to attack US?

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10 Responses to Public school attacks God.

  1. RJ says:

    I actually really like that quote. It’s the most noteworthy statement made in the entire novel and is, I think, really more religious than against religion. It’s saying that we’ve lost our faith has been replaced by evil deeds. Asking students to do a project about that quote, which is the entire basis for the novel, I don’t think is wrong at all.

    • So, asking students to do a project about the KKK lynching a black student would be ok? Or, black panthers raping a woman because she is white?

      Logically, the three statements are the same.

      • RJ says:

        Unfortunately I can’t think of any projects about those since my classes only did essays. But we still had to read books with derogatory language or adult themes. One book had a drawing of a woman’s boobs for absolutely no reason (Kurt Vonnegut). Asking a student to do a project about a book that may contain lynching or rape would not be absurd, but the moral of the story would likely not be about lynching or rape. If we completely censor everything, we lose sight of true history.

        What’s funny is that “God is dead” is a religious statement whereas people seem to think it is not. It’s saying that the people of Salem fell away from God and that’s why the whole place went haywire. Seeing “God is dead” around the school seems to me more like a wake-up call that we’ve lost God at that school. If parents must complain at all, it should be that religion is leaking into the public school.

      • Thank you for your comment.

        I think I still disagree. The complaint should be that Christian Religion is persecuted in schools, but Islam is taught.

        Take the way snopes tries to make this topic into a falsity, they say it is partially true. What was not true had nothing to do with stating that “Students are required to attend 3 weeks of classes on Islam, including prayer.” Snopes admitted this was true.

        But, Christianity, which founded the US, has NO impact on our studies of our culture?

        That is offensive to me, to the history of my family, who were the people who founded America.

      • RJ says:

        I think Christian religion is persecuted in schools, definitely, but that this is not a good example. I’m a strong believer that the real “isms” have become against the majority; white racism, for example. So I certainly agree with you, but I think Georgia parents misunderstand the “God is dead” project.

      • Thank you RJ,

        I agree that it is misunderstood. But, in the current climate of persecution, how else can students and parents really feel about the statement, “God is dead?”

        It sounds like progressive hate speech, doesn’t it?


      • RJ says:

        Without the context of the book, certainly.

      • Did you like that book?

      • RJ says:

        It was okay. Like I said before, I very much liked the quote, though, and the ending of the book.

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