What do we do about Kaitlyn Hunt?


Did you hear about the gay woman this week?

After being told she could not contact the 15-year-old girl she had been having sex with, it has been reported, she started having sex with the girl again.

And the parents knew about it, again.

Children should be children. Not victims.

What do you think?


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4 Responses to What do we do about Kaitlyn Hunt?

  1. Ray Plenty says:

    I don’t agree with most of the laws in this nation. But I don’t violate them because I know the risks. I don’t know why a parent would help their child evade the law instead of trying to work through the system to change it. I don’t understand how an 18 year old couldn’t wait three years to begin a legal relationship. There is something wrong with the Hunt family. A pure sense of entitlement on their part.

    • Ray,

      I think it all goes to why their child began acting out in her sexuality. And I think the poor victim will live as a victim the rest of her life.

      Don’t you?


    • ZACTAK says:

      I agree with you, Ray. If I believe a law is unjust, I will pressure my government to alter the law, but I won’t violate it. While I have always been against the gay community showing support for Kaitlyn Hunt, I gave her the benefit of the doubt with not realizing her sexual relationship was illegal. I know that wasn’t a valid defense for her, but I felt sympathy for her. Now that she has not only contacted her victim, but also sent her sexually explicit photos. Almost everyone knows it’s illegal to send those types of photos to someone under the age of 18. Kaitlyn’s family doesn’t want to admit to her faults and is helping her. Definitely a sense of entitlement here, and I kind of think the gay community gave that feeling to them.

      • I like those answers.

        I was thinking about what if Kate did not know her victim was underage? For example, she met her at college and thought she was a college freshman.

        That scenario troubles me, because breaking the law, is still breaking the law. And some people are not forgiving of accidentally crossing that line.

        And I think it is sad, some people support Kate for knowingly breaking the law, and those people would be angry at a college man accidentally breaking the law.

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