Crazy Russians and the Winter Olympics.


Russians can be crazy. Not the psychiatric kind, but the completely different culture kind.

They think different. So, sometimes they dream up some very different ideas.

That is how they came up with the Ekranoplan.

Ekranoplan from Wiki.

Ekranoplan from Wiki.

So, what have Crazy Russians and the Winter Olympics brought us? SNOW. In August.

They placed tons of snow under wraps, literally under wraps. They covered the snow with radiant barrier tarps to reflect the sun’s heat. And they have only ‘lost’ 20% of the snow so far.

Here is the video over on BBC.  Sochi Olympics.

When Russians do some things, they amaze me.  It is as if Russians do not know how to say, “No.”

Can you swim the Pacific?  “I will try.”  That is what I expect from Russian scientists.

Now.  Will the winter athletes compete as well as their scientists?

We will know in a couple of weeks.



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