The Washington DC terror shooting.


Today has been crazy.

I watched the Concordia being raised, and heard about the shooting, but it was not described as a massive terror attack.

I went to return some items in the town down the road – 30 minutes. Did my shopping, and started home. All of a sudden news started reporting this mass shooting – aka terror attack.

WOW! That was quick.

And there had been reporters on the ground almost immediately after it began.

But, we don’t know for 5 or more hours?

I am glad it was not a nuclear war, we would have been fried, before our government told us we were under attack.

I don’t know about you, but that makes this incident scarier than most.

They are saying his name was Aaron Alexis, and if you know anything about him call the FBI.

Are you glad he was killed, or do you wish they had captured him alive?


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