Can the US be saved?


I have noticed that most people believe America is in trouble.

And I agree.

But, can we reverse direction in time to save America? Can we return to God, before it is too late?

Or, has too much damage been done?


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8 Responses to Can the US be saved?

  1. This is such an interesting topic to contemplate! I would have to answer a lot of qualifying questions first though. Saved from what? From decline? All empires fade away eventually. Why shouldn’t this one too, if its time has passed? God won’t run out of time, even when the U.S. does. Perhaps it isn’t in trouble either, but just changing into a different kind of country than it used to be. More religion (or less) won’t stop change. Change is inevitable.

    I’m not really either optimistic or pessimistic these days. I know I can only guess about the future, and I’ve been surprised, delighted and sometimes disappointed by events that I had not correctly predicted. On the whole it’s been a highly positive learning experience. Since I appear to be poor at guessing the future, I try to live and do my work ethically one day at a time, and watch what happens without trying to anticipate it.

    Thanks for the fun philosophical exercise!

  2. I agree with Invisible Mikey that all empire fade away. But we can fade away, but not go away. Look at other nations such as Great Britain. For years they were the power of the world. But over time their political system changed from being Ruled by Kings and Queens to a parliamentary system, and they survived. Just like Russia in the time of the Tsars fell to Communism, survive at the Soviet Union for 70 years and after that fell reverted a Federal Republic and fell into anonymity. Now they are rising again as a power.
    But in order for the United States to reinvent itself it has to keep from imploding and becoming a feast for other nations to pick at. We need to figure out who where we are headed and who we will be to be able to survive as a nation. Not a Superpower, but a nation that can take care of itself.

    • Great comment!

      So, who do we want to be? What do we want to be?

      • I believe that we need to reinvent our political system by setting term limits and how lobbyist “take care” of our national leaders. Our nation has to change the way the COnstitution protects those coming here to harm our way of life. Basically it needs to be updated to 2013 because the Constitution of the late 1700’s is from a different era and a different way of thinking by Americans. But the big question is who are the ones that can be trusted to update out Constitution? Do we pick our current Political leaders, I think not. Then what we have to do is assemble citizens from different backgrounds and political views to form a committee to find a way to modernize out national laws to fit America today.I say this not as a rebel, but a Patriot that wants our values back, not Socialism for our future.

      • I agree!

        There are more and more American Patriots calling for control by the People, instead of tyranny by the tyrants.

        How about?

        Term limits,
        Overspending must be approved by the taxpayers – those who approve of deficit spending, pay more in taxes.
        No more lobbyists for 18 months, and if the Congress has not improved, then a 10 year moratorium.
        Congressmen, Senators, Presidents, and their staffs may never become lobbyists.
        Immigration must be voted upon by the People.
        The State Department MAY NOT negotiate for the People.
        Abortion must be paid for by the activists.
        Lawyers must live with released prisoners (at least 5 days a week).
        Judges may not be judges for life – period.
        All judges of the last 20 years who became activist judges lose all pay and benefits.
        Welfare may not be more than 10% of the Federal Budget.
        The Federal Government may not be more than 16% of the economy ….

        Is that a start?

  3. Harley says:

    Unfortunatley I think America is on a fast decline. Too much socialism and too much debt. My hope is that lots of people will come to God, but that doesn’t mean this country will be saved. I think we are at the end of this age, but I also know what ever happens here I am safe in His hands.

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