About Me

Well, I have been around the blogging world.

I came to wordpress and at first I loved it.

It seemed to be what I had wanted when I was a blogger on MySpace. Now I just wish for the old days on MySpace ….

Well …. hopefully, wordpress LETS ME BLOG on my latest blog.

I love people, languages, and travel.

I love Science. I study Cosmology, Cosmogony, The Big Bang, Genesis, Genetics, and Evolution. I read a lot of other Science. I have read significant portions of 40 books on these subjects over the last year …. I have over 80 books in my library on the subject. Over 30 of those are on Genesis alone. The First Three Minutes is a book I can recommend for understanding simple Big Bang theory. Did I write ‘simple?’ How about the ‘simplest’ I have read?

I love life, friends, family, Jesus – people in general. I also love writing. So, I blog. And I love most of the things you will see me blog about, including flying, fast cars, photography, and, of course, WOMEN!

I have blogged for a long time. I was once a “top” blogger on MySpace. Then MySpace had problems with viruses.* That experience slowed my blogging down.

But, I am back. I blog again. I travel the world. I look for my “help-mate.” I help other people start businesses. I am praying for other men as they start churches.

I speak many languages. I speak none of them well, but I speak some good Texan and some bad English.

What else do you want to know?


* Now, everyone has viruses. If you do not have an anti-virus (AV), you have viruses. And even with an AV, my Mac Air was downloading a virus executable as I thought to myself, “Why is that downloading? WAIT! That is an exe file …. STOP that!” Pop ups are disabled …. and the web page was still able to find a weakness in the browser and start downloading an executable file without my permission …..

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Purnimodo says:

    I had this problem too.. but in my case a strange red yet tasty liquid was to blame..

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