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Facebook is the suburbs while Twitter is the city

Originally posted on Boulder Colorado Voter Guide – Eric Budd:
Facebook headquarters Social networks enable varied forms of interaction between their users, through spectrums of openness, hierarchy, and discovery. Facebook and Twitter are the most used services to connect people socially,…

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Should Authors Respond to Reviews?

Originally posted on Adventures In Fiction:
I posted this to Facebook this past weekend; I’m researching a long list of … fantasy and science fiction novels, so have spent this afternoon reading reviews. Ran across a lot of author responses,…

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Cargo Bikes: Longtails (Surly Big Dummy, Xtracycle, Kona Ute)

Originally posted on Car Free Canada:
(Part one in a four part series of cargo bikes in Canada; part two covers bucket-style cargo bikes, part three covers porteur-rack cargo bikes and part four provides recommendations and pointers to retailers.) We’ll…

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What it is like to be a Muslim woman, and why we know what freedom is (and you may not)

Friends, Here is a story from Freshly Pressed about what some Muslim women go through. Please remember, like my comment on that page, the progressive agenda is destroying many more women’s lives here in the USA than is proper Islam. … Continue reading

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Nicosia International Airport—A Moment Frozen In Time

Originally posted on Doublewhirler:
Nicosia International airport stands abandoned, frozen in time in no man’s land. The time is August 17, 1974 and the land is the UN buffer zone in Cyprus. Created after Turkey (in response to a Greek-inspired coup…

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A Proposal For Direct Democracy

Originally posted on Whistling In The Wind:
It’s fair to say that almost all people value our democratic government and are thankful we don’t live in a dictatorship. We value the ability to chose our leaders and influence our nation’s…

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100,000 Christians killed per year over faith, Vatican says

Over 100,000 thousand Christians are killed for their faith each year. What is being done to protect the innocent? ghost.

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Originally posted on Emotional Fitness:
Think you already say thank you 100 times every day?  Good for you. Think it is too hard to find something to be grateful for? Think again. Saying thank you is an easy way to…

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Originally posted on Stacia L. Brown:
From an outsider’s perspective, say, from the purview of a citizen whose great-great-grandfathers were land owners, voters, arbiters of the unamended Constitution, we spend a lot of time lamenting. We deflect our own savagery…

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Gay Marriage?

Anyone? Can you explain why the Gay agenda moved their goal posts from civil-unions to redefining marriage? I remember Gay activists talking about how they would never want marriage, because marriage was too traditional. So, what changed? Or, was this … Continue reading

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