Startup incubators go to Russia.


This was not what I thought I would read in the news today. But, here it is: Plug and Play goes to Dagestan.

I really wish American industry would focus more upon giving American talent a chance to succeed.

What do you think?


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Iraqis produce nerve weapons for Syrian rebels.


This is scary.


And of course, Iraq ‘never’ had WMD.

It is not difficult to make. Any pharmaceutical company, and most food companies, can make large quantities quickly.

How should we eliminate chemical weapons (especially sarin) world-wide.


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The Washington DC terror shooting.


Today has been crazy.

I watched the Concordia being raised, and heard about the shooting, but it was not described as a massive terror attack.

I went to return some items in the town down the road – 30 minutes. Did my shopping, and started home. All of a sudden news started reporting this mass shooting – aka terror attack.

WOW! That was quick.

And there had been reporters on the ground almost immediately after it began.

But, we don’t know for 5 or more hours?

I am glad it was not a nuclear war, we would have been fried, before our government told us we were under attack.

I don’t know about you, but that makes this incident scarier than most.

They are saying his name was Aaron Alexis, and if you know anything about him call the FBI.

Are you glad he was killed, or do you wish they had captured him alive?


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Are you watching the live raising of the Costa Concordia?


If you are not watching the live feed of the Costa Concordia, you are missing a very slow, and boring event.

But, yes, it is an event.

You can now see the slime from a year under water as they are slowly raising the ship.

Here is the live feed from Reuter’s.

Let me know if you like it.


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Crazy Russians and the Winter Olympics.


Russians can be crazy. Not the psychiatric kind, but the completely different culture kind.

They think different. So, sometimes they dream up some very different ideas.

That is how they came up with the Ekranoplan.

Ekranoplan from Wiki.

Ekranoplan from Wiki.

So, what have Crazy Russians and the Winter Olympics brought us? SNOW. In August.

They placed tons of snow under wraps, literally under wraps. They covered the snow with radiant barrier tarps to reflect the sun’s heat. And they have only ‘lost’ 20% of the snow so far.

Here is the video over on BBC.  Sochi Olympics.

When Russians do some things, they amaze me.  It is as if Russians do not know how to say, “No.”

Can you swim the Pacific?  “I will try.”  That is what I expect from Russian scientists.

Now.  Will the winter athletes compete as well as their scientists?

We will know in a couple of weeks.



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Sebelius wants illegal immigrants on ObamaCare

Sebelius: Immigration Reform Needed For ObamaCare Enrollment.

OK, this is a difficult one for me to believe.

Wasn’t ObamaCare for American working poor? Now, they want everyone on it.

Well, Obama’s aunt felt the same way, and now she is on our payrolls, illegally. I should not be surprised.

Or, should I?


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The New Black Panthers call a hit on Zimmerman.


No matter what you think about the Zimmerman case. And no matter what you think about his guilt, is vigilantism the way for us to go?

And if vigilantes are the way to go, do we want New Black Panthers being our vigilantes?

What do you think?


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