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Why does CNN encourage bad reporting?

Friends, Why? Why does CNN terribly miss international and local news? I believe it is the progressive agenda. But, on to this article. CNN does not understand Arabs. OK, I do not understand the Arab world. The Arab world is … Continue reading

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What can we do for Egypt?

Friends, Here is a really difficult dilemma. We need to help, that is human nature, but there is not a lot we can do for Egypt, or Egyptians. So, what can we do? We can always pray. And that should … Continue reading

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Have you noticed all the rumors of war?

Friends, Is it just me, or are there a lot of ‘rumors of war?’ Why don’t we have ‘facts?’ The US has spy satellites, and spy planes, and un-manned drones over every hot spot. But, we do not know what … Continue reading

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Obama backs another coup in Egypt as people die in the street.

Friends, When Honduras voted in their Congress to remove their despot, and their Supreme Court agreed, Honduras ordered the military to remove their dictator-in-chief. Does he remind your of our Obamanator? The United States called Democracy working Constitutionally a ‘coup.’ … Continue reading

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Why did Obama back terrorists?

Friends, This is a good question. And it is a question that excited many Egyptians into overthrowing their president. They recalled the leader from the streets. An action that American Politicians fear – because they should fear the wrath of … Continue reading

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President Obama spends our money in Egypt.

Friends, President Obama is sending money to Egypt. John Kerry commits 60 million (250 million total) to Egypt. Why are we giving business support money to Egypt? Why am I paying taxes to go to Egypt? Why are we sending … Continue reading

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