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Home is where the heart is.

Friends, Whoever first penned, “Home is where the heart is,” summed up the power of our reality in a very short sentence. Are you “Home?” I am. I just got home to those nasty, terrible, vile communists. It is funny … Continue reading

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Obama spoke to his core audience. They did not show up.

Friends, Do you remember the hundreds of thousands of ‘Ein Berliners’ who showed up to kick of the great Obama’s career as a future ‘great leader?’ Evidently they did not remember to show up this time. Well, just so you … Continue reading

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Europe is in TROUBLE.

Friends, There are so many things that our ‘news media’ does not tell us. The whole time they have been lying about the unemployment problem in America (greatly under-reporting the numbers), they have intentionally not told us about Europe. Germany, … Continue reading

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