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It Matters Whom You Marry

Friends, Who you chose to be with impacts your life. This blog breaks it down real well, and I will add. We are teaching our young women to choose based upon the wrong set of standards. We have taught our … Continue reading

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The truth does not make me right.

Friends, Thank you for reading, commenting, and keeping me straight. Just because I have a powerful memory and retain tons of meaningless data; just because I can put all that data together; and you might enjoy reading what I write … Continue reading

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Are Jihadists Muslim?

Friends, I watched Nihad Awad from CAIR on the Bill O’Reilly show. As always, Bill did not allow his guest much wiggle room. But, when he asked his guest, Nihad, if radical Islamists were wrong, Nihad said ‘No.’ At first, … Continue reading

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Marriage and Divorce

Friends, I just re-blogged from CNN. And over on CNN, I am getting very negative comments. Not that I expect anything positive from CNN. Here are the crude data people use to support the 50% divorce myth. CDC data. I … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage?

Anyone? Can you explain why the Gay agenda moved their goal posts from civil-unions to redefining marriage? I remember Gay activists talking about how they would never want marriage, because marriage was too traditional. So, what changed? Or, was this … Continue reading

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What is wrong with marriage?

Friends, I live most of my year in Ukraine. Beautiful country. And very much a part of the Former Soviet Union (Russia). The people are very Slavic. They speak Russian, and some speak Ukrainian. They are very family oriented. You … Continue reading

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