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Will we find peace after the Martin tragedy?

Friends, Some have exploited both Martin and Zimmerman for racial issues. It would seem a teenager came to believe he was justified in confronting an older man, because “that [blank] is following me.” And an older man felt he was … Continue reading

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Obama backs another coup in Egypt as people die in the street.

Friends, When Honduras voted in their Congress to remove their despot, and their Supreme Court agreed, Honduras ordered the military to remove their dictator-in-chief. Does he remind your of our Obamanator? The United States called Democracy working Constitutionally a ‘coup.’ … Continue reading

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A time for peace, not elitism.

Friends, Now is a time for peace. Instead of arming rebels, we should be forcing them and al-Assad to sit down for peace discussions. 100,000 dead and rising? What is the end game? What is the objective? 1,000,000 dead? Would … Continue reading

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Why do Liberals hate peace?

Friends, I know this is the opposite of what the Media has programmed us to believe. But, when we have Democrats in office, we have more wars. So, if they wanted fewer wars, they would vote the lying warmongers out … Continue reading

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