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Russia is stopping gay adoptions.

Friends, Putin has said that Russia will stop adoptions by gay couples. BBC Report. Ghost.

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It IS a SMALL world.

Friends, As I am leaving Tucson, who do I meet? First, a lady who was visiting the VA hospital south of Waco. Her son hollered at her, “Mom come over here.” She told me, “I thought he had gone crazy.” … Continue reading

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America is RICH.

Friends, You know this is one of my favorite topics. I need to find a great category, or tag for this topic. Any suggestions? I just read many other pages on this topic. And the ‘consensus’ wanted to convince me … Continue reading

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International women’s day.

Originally posted on ivankiliian:
Кожна дівчинка чекає на подарунок від свого коханого хлопчика, кожна жінка чекає на букет квітів від свого чоловіка, кожна бабуся чекає на вітання від своїх онуків. В Україні 8 березня традиційно сприймається як Міжнародний жіночий день.…

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Ukraine is wonderful because …

Friends, I live part of my year in the Former Soviet Union country of Ukraine. I feel like I stepped back to 1980 America. No, they do not wear bell-bottom pants. But, they still believe in family, God, and culture. … Continue reading

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Russians fight terrorists in Montana.

Friends, I admit there is news today that I would have never thought would happen. But, Anti-terrorist Russian units on American soil? OK, the rest of the story. The Russian units were training here. And we were ‘training’ them. So, … Continue reading

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