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NY Times noticed what I have said for years.

Friends, The NY Times reported what I have noticed for years. America is falling apart. And it began during the 1960’s as groups socially engineered a new America. Progressivism. It is not good to destroy family and expect young people … Continue reading

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Hate is hate, and hate is wrong.

Friends, Saturday night was funny, now. But, we really need to reduce our hate and anger in America. First, hate and anger do not solve problems. Even during war-time, hate and anger will only get you killed. And like George … Continue reading

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How should we get America under control?

Friends, The immediate problem is the debt problem. Like I just blogged, those who pay taxes owe over a quarter million dollars each. That is more money than most of us could borrow on our own, but our government wants … Continue reading

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Death in the West.

Friends, I found a blog which really scared me. A single mother willing to throw away her life savings and her soul …. Scary words to choose. She claimed to be a writer. So, those words should have some value … Continue reading

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