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Why does CNN encourage bad reporting?

Friends, Why? Why does CNN terribly miss international and local news? I believe it is the progressive agenda. But, on to this article. CNN does not understand Arabs. OK, I do not understand the Arab world. The Arab world is … Continue reading

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Prejudice in America.

Friends, When the Shah fell in Iran, and the Iranian ‘students’ seized the American Embassy, I had just had an Iranian room-mate.  After that, I had many Middle-Eastern friends and associates. During the Iranian crisis, several Arab friends were attacked.  … Continue reading

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Terror in America.

Friends, Terrorism is getting old.  Don’t you think? So, why has our State Department imported terrorism for decades? Under the Clinton Administration, the ‘Presidents’ were already setting up anti-terrorism programs in the USA. Why don’t they tell us?  But, that … Continue reading

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