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Hail Satan!

Friends, Liberals go crazy in Texas and start chanting to Satan. That was after they concocted an attempt to take feces, that is right, crap, and used tampons into the State Legislature to throw on the ‘opposition’ which was doing … Continue reading

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Why I love(d) Texas

Friends, Our culture is changing in America. OK. This blog is not about the change, but about what was. I loved Texas, because we stood for something. Whether called upon by George Patton (and President F.D.R.), or by the Confederacy, … Continue reading

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If you hate Texas, then leave.

Friends, There I am in the ten item express line at H.E.B., our local grocery chain. Chatting with the man in front of me about the beautiful birthday arrangement they were buying for someone special. And like the one man … Continue reading

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