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Originally posted on Two Red Tornados:
I remember this day. I was sicker than a dog, some Ukrainian sinus infection that I refused to succumb to. I should have stayed in bed, but I wouldn’t. I continued to act healthy…

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Ukraine is wonderful because …

Friends, I live part of my year in the Former Soviet Union country of Ukraine. I feel like I stepped back to 1980 America. No, they do not wear bell-bottom pants. But, they still believe in family, God, and culture. … Continue reading

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What is wrong with marriage?

Friends, I live most of my year in Ukraine. Beautiful country. And very much a part of the Former Soviet Union (Russia). The people are very Slavic. They speak Russian, and some speak Ukrainian. They are very family oriented. You … Continue reading

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Can you understand me?

Friends, I am having a great discussion with one of you on a previous post. That discussion brings up this question? I really think you do understand me. But, this question applies to conversation in general in America today. Can … Continue reading

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Christmas from Lviv

WOW I am back to Ukraine. I am in Lviv (Lvov). So, I get another 9 days of Christmas. And it is cold. So, “it feels a lot like Christmas.” What did you enjoy most about your Christmas? What do … Continue reading

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