About blogging

Well, I am the Ghost of WordPress.

I have lurked around long enough.  And now it is time to BLOG!!!

So, I hope you enjoy this latest blog.

I have blogged several times in the past. My first blog was over on blogspot (?). Or was it blogger? Which one was the one Google bought and messed up? Yep, it was that one.

After playing with that account. And losing the account when Google locked up the account. I moved on to MySpace.

There on MySpace, I began to find my own voice as a blogger. I learned from some of the best out there.

Then I came back to blogging on wordpress. Luvsiesous.com is that web site. Some day, I hope, wordpress will give me access and fix their software ….. I miss that blog.

But, their mistake drove home a theme I had learned while blogging on MySpace.

Always keep at least one backup blog going.


3 Responses to About blogging

  1. Lyn Leahz says:

    Thanks Ghost. Hopefully you saw how I was brutalized for being kind ‘somewhere’ else. Made no sense. And the person says they love Jesus, yet seems to support the opposite! God bless you and, I just noticed as well that you are following me. Thank you. You might also like my devotional site… http://PromiseBook.net I do have a prophecy news website, http://VineOfLife.net , but we do make a lot of posts..so you might want to adjust your email settings “IF” you subscribe. Promise Book only makes a post or two daily. Again, God bless you and may the Lord continue blessing you, your family, and anoint you with His power in Jesus Christ!

    • Thanks Lyn.

      You might have noticed, I asked how he could warn his site was dangerous to children if he followed Jesus ….

      We live in interesting times – the ancient Chinese curse.


  2. Lyn Leahz says:

    Yes..I most certainly did. I accidentally followd him because I clicked on that second check mark box, but when I noticed, I went to unclick, it was too late. I unsubscribed, but keep getting his posts! Anyways, I didn’t know if you noticed how rude he was to me for being kind. I can’t judge anyone’s salvation, but the Bible says we shall know them by their fruits….I can say that I believe he falls in line with the ones who have been “led astray” and the ones who reject help when it comes. Hope he finds the truth before it is too late…because Jesus is coming very soon. Also, I replied to you on his website. God bless you my dear friend. ♥

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