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Can we afford Gay ‘marriage?’

Friends, There are many things absent from the ‘narrative’ around the social experiment called ‘gay marriage.’ One of the greatest missing pieces is COST. Ironically, this is at a time, the Democrats refuse to write a budget, much less balance … Continue reading

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Originally posted on CNN Radio News:
By Tommy Andres, CNN Editor’s Note: On March 26th and 27th, the US Supreme Court will hear two key cases regarding same-sex marriage. Every Monday and Tuesday in March, CNN Radio will feature stories about issues related to same-sex…

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How should we handle homosexual ‘marriage?’

Friends, I am a traditional Christian. I have been attacked by homosexuals. But, I believe in forgiveness. And many people, especially people in the ‘gay agenda,’ would like my vote in support of homosexual relationships. SO, I end up in … Continue reading

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