The US Senate voted to discriminate against most Americans.


I have warned of the consequences of the gay agenda for years.

Homosexuality is against my religious point of view, but it also carries a huge expense upon the rest of society.

Today the Senate voted to give homosexuals more rights than other people. So, now 1% to 3% of the population will have more rights than the rest of the population.

That is a huge expense. And it will encourage some people to ‘become gay’ for the job and political advantages the agenda will give them. If only one person converts for the advantages is gay natural? Just a simple question.

But, now the Senate wants Americans to worry about a homosexual person making advances on them at work. What do you do? Accept the advances? Or, get fired, because you are not ‘friendly’ to gay people.

Which will it be? Freedom? Or, enslavement to the gay agenda?

Ironically, when you read the propaganda, it quickly becomes apparent that they skew the results.

Here is a wiki article.

They claim that the classic study by Kinsey said “He also reported that 37% of men in the U.S. had achieved orgasm through contact with another male after adolescence”. That may be on their ‘website’ now, but it was not in his book. I read the book. And I was shocked that it implied 10% of boys might have gay contacts …..

Another false claim, [In Ireland] “7.1% of men and 4.7% of women reported a homosexual experience some time in their life so far. It also found that 4.4% of men and 1.4% of women ….” When you read the statement, you realize that they count one set of standards for homosexuality, and then use a different set of standards for the next set of numbers.

The gay agenda has always done this.

One of the original Kinsey questions was something like, “Have you ever had an erection with a male in the room?” Or, “Have you ever had an orgasm with a male near you?” So, if you were in the showers at school and a girl walked by and said something to you, the fact that there were boys near you would make you ‘gay?’ Or, if you had sex with your girlfriend (wife) in the room next to your parents, you were ‘gay?’

They use strange math, don’t you think?

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3 Responses to The US Senate voted to discriminate against most Americans.

  1. 😦 that’s crazy…. I’m a Christian myself but I’ve never known too much about the politics of it all.

    • We are not being burned at the stakes, but Christians are currently being sued for not providing services to gay marriages, etc. We live in strange times. I will be praying for you brother. We all need that.


      • Amen same to you friend. When companies like Hobby Lobby are facing total bankruptsy because the government is infringing on their religious beliefs against providing contraceptives from their employees… that’s a dictatorship.

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