Radical Norwegian terrorists in Kenyan mall attack.


What do we do?

The radical Norwegian Anders Breivik told us that there were liberal elements attacking traditional Europeans in Norway, so he attacked and slaughtered, “To make his point.” He slaughtered 77.

Well, now radical Norwegian terrorists have been connected to the Kenyan mall attack.

BBC News.

Will the crazy media point out the connections?

I believe Anders was ignorant for doing what he did, yes, he understood the ‘threat.’ But, murder seldom gets other people to see reason.

But, ignoring his desire for sensationalism, and his need for punishment and justice for the rest of us, what do we do about the thousands of radical Islamic terrorists around the world?


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12 Responses to Radical Norwegian terrorists in Kenyan mall attack.

  1. Why are they radical? Eliminate the reasons, and there won’t be as many radicals. Why are so many serial killers white Christian men?

    • Michael,

      Thank you for your comment! I agree with part, and disagree with the other part.

      Serial killers CANNOT be Christians. Serial murder is a non-Christian world view. You wold probably object if I tried to call serial killers Atheists, wouldn’t you?

      I agree that eliminating the reasons for radicalization might reduce the radicals.

      How will you reduce their radicalization?


      • By liberalizing our western societies (including, but not limited to, legalized marijuana, prostitution,…), eliminate things like NSA, removing debates about whether American politicians are “Christian” enough. That’d be a good start.

      • Western societies are liberal, and the progressive march was very destructive to children and women.

        Would you be willing to protect women and children?

      • What a stupid question. Here’s another: Do peaceful democracies need guns?

      • Rather than protect women and children, you would rather debate the need for guns?

        Your logic is losing me.

      • Your question is stupid. What civilized person doesn’t want to protect women and children? It’s like debating whether water is necessary.

      • As much as you are dancing around, trying not to answer the question,

        it must be a pretty smart question.

      • Serial Killers CANNOT be atheists. Serial killing is a non-atheist world view. You wouldn’t object if I called serial killers Muslim, would you? Thought not. Ghost Buster

      • Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao were very committed atheists …. committed to their cause. And their cause required killing millions.

        About the Muslims, that is a different religion, and I do not know whether or not they can be serial killers or not.

        I do know that a Christian cannot be a serial murderer …. the two are at war with each other.

        Unlike atheism and the hundreds of millions that were slaughtered over the last century.


      • The Crusades, Napoleon, 30 Years War, Irish Troubles, WW I, 2nd atomic Bbmb dropped on Japan was unnecessary, all by Christians. Religious fascists are the most dangerous types.

      • Actually, Muslims invaded Europe …. 30 years, I don’t know anything about.

        The troubles were because of the British Crown refusing to crown the rightful king, and broke down between Protestant and Catholic.

        WW1 was because of an assassination by a Muslim, if I remember right. But, religion played no part in starting the war.

        Most Japanese see the bombings as God paying them back for what they did to Christians, during the Christian Century in Japan.

        Most fascists are religious about the politics, not about God.

        Thank you for your comments,


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