Why is the government shutdown good for us?


Have you noticed how gas prices have dropped because of the shutdown?

That is AWESOME.

I think.

And have you noticed how leaving 800,000 government workers at home has not stopped America?

And I think this is more important than the gas prices. But, if 800,000 employees did not stop America, then we have TOO MANY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES.

But, one-third of all government employees, roughly 250,000 …. at the median income in Federal Government jobs, $100,000, that would mean a savings of over $25 Billion each year.

Not a huge dent, but a start. An important start in trimming down runaway government.

What do you think?

Has government shown you we did not need them this last two weeks?


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2 Responses to Why is the government shutdown good for us?

  1. tadpolerider says:

    No, I haven’t noticed that.They shot way up … about 30 cents per gallon increase here in northeast Indiana.

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