What happens when a plane stalls.


My condolences to those who lost friends and loved ones during this tragic accident.

This video is graphic. CNN warns some people will be bothered by it if they watch the video.

CNN Video of 747 stalling and then crashing.

This was a text-book stall.


You will see the wing on the right lose lift. You will see the nose adjust slightly. Then you will see the wing on the left lose lift.

I would guess after the second side lost lift the plane was not recoverable. BTW, that is a fairly solid guess.

You will notice the pilot (crew) begin recovery. God only knows how close they were, but they were doing their best to fly.

Doing their best, they flew into the ground.

They were heroes, are heroes, in my book.

How about you? Are you proud they continued doing the best they could to the very end?


More information at USA Today.

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