For those of you who are Francophiles, and for those who are not Francophiles:

Amelie wrote a wonderful blog about the natural wonders of France.

Beautiful. wonderful.

Read and enjoy.



Lost in Traducción

For those of you who are huge Francophiles, I suggest you check out the article entitled “Ten of France’s Natural Wonders” on the BBC’s travel page. I am proud to say I have been to five of them!

Here is the list as follows (the ones in bold are the ones I’ve already been to):

1. Gorges du Verdon in the south of France

(Photo courtesy: Google Images)

2. Aiguilles de Bavella in Corsica

(Photo Courtesy: Martin Moos/LPI/Getty)

3. Alpine Wildlife

(Photo courtesy: John Elk/LPI/Getty)

4. Cote de Granit Rose in Brittany

(Photo Courtesy: Breizh easy commerce)

5. Dune du Pilat an hour away from Bordeaux

(Photo Courtesy: Smart Travel Guide)

6. Lavender fields in Provence*

(Photo Courtesy: Ekaterina Pokrovsky)

7. Gavarnie Falls in the Pyrenees

(Photo courtesy: J.C. Benoist/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Mont Blanc in the French Alps–I have been dying to go to the French Alps my whole life!!!!!

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  1. amelie88 says:

    Woah, thanks for the reblog! Though I have to admit all I did was regurgitate the article from the BBC! I didn’t compile this list (sadly) but I definitely do want to hit up all the places on it someday. 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Well. Then you should get on a Big Iron Bird (*).

      Teach English in Madrid, and holiday throughout France ….


      Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your blog it was refreshing and FUN.


      (*) OK, they are now carbon fiber, but that does not ring as well….

      • amelie88 says:

        Ha, I would get onto a plane in a heartbeat and travel if I had the money. I am now back in the US and unemployed so no traveling for awhile (though I am going to Boston this weekend so I guess that kind of counts).

        Time to be a real adult for awhile and work!

      • I hate being under-utilized as well.

        But, I am trying to be utilized as much as I can ….

  2. Interesting Places to watch !

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